Walking & Cycling along Parenzana and river Mirna valley

As you go around Istria you will come across several large noticeboards headed Parenzana. Today wonderful hiking and cycling route, used to be a 123 km narrow gauge railway connecting Trieste and Porec stopping at more than 30 stations, bringing life to Istrian towns and villages.

Being aware of the fabulous trail’s beauty, interwoven into mild Istrian landscape, numerous passionate walkers, researchers, cyclists and nature lovers pointed out the potential that Parenzana could develop by means of an adequate revitalization.

Istria is known as the land of magic, and a cycling trip through this lovely rural landscape will quickly show you why. From the bike trail along the valley floor, take in views of the surrounding hilltops dotted by medieval towns, which, according to local legend, were built by giants. In addition to picturesque towns, the area is home to verdant fields and meadows, family farms and herds of cows and sheep grazing in their pastures.

The off-road trail is mostly flat, but does include uneven sections with loose gravel and uneven terrain.

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