Villa Rošinjola

House rules

Dear guests,

You will spend your vacation in a private Villa Rošinnjola. We have made a great effort to create a nice and comfortable athmosphere and hope that you will enjoy it and that you will have a wonderful and relaxed stay.

The following House rules will help us both create a harmonic stay and we hope that you will understand and accept them. Every guest is expected to follow the House Rules.

Please help us to provide, a beautiful vacations for you and other guests in the future.


In General:

On the arrival, all the guests are required to hand in, their personal documents (passports and/or identity cards) personal data (name and surname, type and number of identification document, gender, country and residence and birth date, citizenship and date of birth) for the purpose of tourist registration in the information system of tourist boards of the Republic of Croatia for registration and check-out of tourists – eVisitor (Law on Residence Tax OG 152/08). The content of personal data is collected for the purposes of statistical data processing and is intended solely for tourist communities, public institutions and ministries which are involved in this process (Ministry of Tourism – Tourism Inspection, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration). Any unauthorized use, publication, adaptation, processing, reproduction, display, transfer, distribution, recording or any other form of unauthorized use of your data is strictly forbidden. You can send any possible complaint or objection relating to the processing of your personal data to the e-mail address of the office of the regional tourist board.

If you, during your stay, miss or need, anything concerning the facility, please contact us with confidence. All things that are in the apartment or in the outdoor area, may and should be used by the guests. Please handle all the equipment and inventory carefully and treat the property with respect and care. Please also take care that you and your family members or/and friends comply with the rental conditions and House rules. We presume , that nobody will intentionally damage things in the accommodation, but it can happen to anyone, that things get broken. We will be pleased if you inform us about damages and we will not find it out after your departure or when the next guests move in.

(the inventory list serves as a guideline).

In case devices are disfunctional or the equipment breaks down within your stay in the house, inform the host immediately and if possible, will be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Broken furniture, furnishings, etc. must be reported to host immediately and will be charged.

Maximum number of guests / Commercial use of the accomodation:

Please note that not more than 8 persons plus 2 (including children) are allowed to stay in the Villa Rošinjola. The commercial use of the accomodation is forbidden. Guests can be visited by their friends during the day, but guests are obliged to inform the host about it. Unreported guests are not allowed to stay in the accommodation unit.

Hand-over of keys:

The keys (2 keys and one electronic pager gor the main entrance) will be handed over you, by host, upon arrival directly at the Villa Rošinjola. On the departure day the keys have to be given to  the host, until 10.00 am. Please arrange an appointment earlier in the case of an early departure. If the keys are lost, the lock cylinders will be replaced by the locksmith for safety reasons. The guest have to pay for the resulting costs, 450 EUR.


Arrival and departure:

The  Villa Rošinjola in available for the guests after 16.00 at the day of arrival.

On the departure day you should leave the house by 10.00 am the latest.


Baby or children facilities:

There are baby necessities available in the house, like babybath, potty, childrenstool, babybed, feeding chair; if you need any other baby facilities do not hesitate to contact  us.


In general smoking is not allowed in the Villa Rošinjola; othervise we will charge a fee of € 250 for the cleaning of the accomodation. These costs are not included in the rental price. Extra we will keep the costs for damages like burn marks or wholes, from your deposit. There is a high risk of fire, especially in summer! Ashtrays are available and should be used. The smokers are kindly asked not to leave any cigarette buds in the house, in the yard, or anywhere outside of the propery; and to take all necessary precautions and safety measures in the prevention of fire for their own personal safety.

Each room and a living room are all equipped with a fire detector.


Vehicles must be held on Villa Rošinjola parking place. There are four slots available in front of the villa.


Air conditioning and heating:

Standard setting o fair conditioning is 21°C. Do not keep all the air conditioning on, all the time. Make sure you keep doors closed when the air conditioning is on. We will appreciate it, if you turn off air conditioning when you leave the house.


Keep the fire under constant control. For the firewoods and bricks, please ask for the price. (You can bring your own as well).

The use of kamado barbecue is available in Villa Rošinjola. On the youtube there are full of videos about how to use that kind of maintenance, if you are not familiar with it. Barbecues on open fire are not allowed, because of fire security. Please do not leave the camado or any fire unattandent.

Pets or animals of any kind are not allowed at our Villa Rošinjola.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming should be above all fun. Nevertheless, the swimming pool safety rules should be read and observed carefully, as there is always a certain amount of safety risk near the water.

Basic Swimming Pool Rules to follow:

  • No running. It’s way too easy for kids and adults, to slip on wet surfaces and injure themselves.
  • No diving. Even with an experienced lifeguard on staff, diving can be dangerous. It can endanger other swimmers, and it could cause serious harm to the diver if the pool is too shallow.
  • Supervise kids. Young children should be monitored by an adult at all times.
  • Toddlers must wear swim diapers.
  • No more than half of the house guests swimmers at a time – for safety reasons.
  • No animals in the pool.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • No suncreams before entering the pool. Or at least apply it half an hour before entering the pool and shower.
  • No glass bottles or glasses.
  • Do not use showering products under inside shower (and protect the nature)…


Shower and cool down before swimming. Do not enter the water if you feel unwell or have other medical conditions.

Do not go swimming on a full or empty stomach.

If you are a non-swimmer, only enter the water up to your belly.

Only call for help when you are in real danger. Help others when you notice that they need help.

Do not overestimate your capabilities and strength.

Inflatable swimming aids do not provide any safety in the water.

Make sure the water is clear and deep enough before jumping in.

Make sure that the water and its surroundings remain clean. Waste goes in the rubbish bin.

When swimming outdoors, leave the water immediately when a storm is approaching.

Calmly explain to your child that the pool should not be used as a toilet; plan regular visits to the toilet. Toddlers should wear swim diappers all the time in the pool and ladies the sanitary tampons or similar; during their period time; to ensure swimming pool hygiene.

For the same reason, showering before entering the swimming pool is compulsory; and also recomended after swimming.

There is always a risk of slipping on wet or slippery surfaces. Therefore, adapt your pace to the conditions and move attentively, with care and consideration. Swimming shoes provide more grip on slippery ground and provide additional safety. Children should not run in the pool either.


Use the swimming pool on your own responsibility. Keep the children under constant supervision.

Please use the outdoor shower (including showering sunscreen) before using the pool.

By the pool, for your safety reasons, use plastic glasses (from the outdoor kitchen).

Furniture and hand&bath towels from the interior should not be used outside. In addition, we ask you not to use the hand and bath towels from our house as beach towels. There are separate beach towels available.

We appreciate you respect the security warnings exposed at the swimming pool.

We appreciate you do not enter the house wet after having used the swimming pool.

Please, close parasols and/or the sail  on the terrace during poor weather or before leaving the house.

All external lighting around the accommodation unit and lighting at the pool is automatically turned on at dusk and automatically turned off during the night.

The pool cleaning is once per week by our pool specialist. In the meantime, the pool is activated to clean itselfs (except the small bugs etc. which you should pick up »by hand«.

If sanitary damage happens in the pool, please inform us. Sanitary cleaning charge 450€ will be charged in case of a sanitary damage.


Kitchen is fully equiped. Please do not throw or pour any waste, leftovers, harmful liquids or similar, hygenic articles in to the dish sink, Please take care about all the appliances and gadgets, to keep them safe and clean for all the guests coming…. You will find instruction manuals in the upper drawer above the stove.

Please note that dishes are only returned to the cupboards when washed, the same rule applies to cutlery, pots and utensils that you have used, especially coffee machines etc.

Consider not to leave any food in the house.

The capsules for the coffemachine are available (please ask for the price).


Please do not throw or pour any waste, leftovers, harmful liquids or similar, hygenic articles in to the washing sink, shower and toilet. Hygiene articles (sanitary napkins, tampons, cotton swabs, etc.) belong in the provided waste container in the bathroom and must be disposed of in the residual waste bag before departure. Note: No hygiene products should be disposed of in the toilet bowl as this may lead to severe blockages in the sistem of the house. If plumber is needed to open the drains, we will charge  up to 100€ up. If the toilet is not working or is out of order, please use another one, and inform us imediatelly.

Please keep the doors and windows open after taking a shower/bath to prevent humidity damages.


All the beds and the pillows are covered with sanitary pads provided by us, which are cleaned regularly. Please do not remove these covers.

Living area:

TV – Please do not rearrange the units according to your wishes. Furniture from the inside should not be brought outdoors.

TV, Internet, Playstation

Make sure you understand how to use any electrical equipment that you are not familiar with and do not change any existing settings. Wi-Fi password will be available on the house folder found on the house.

Terrace and garden:

Please use the seat cushions for the garden furniture Overnight and in rainy weather put them  outside or in the indoor kitchen, that they do not get wet or dumpy. It is not allowed to use interior/inside furnishings in the outdoor area.


Sport equipment

Use table tennis equipment with great attention and put it back in the shed after use. The same attention we recomend also fot the goals for footbal, walleyball equipment, children playhouse and children playground.

There are several family games in the house to entertain, but please keep in mind that all the things are there to stay, for all the guests coming after you.

Bicycles are there to use free of charge. Babyseat fort he bicycle; by request.

Rest period:

Do not exceed the number of people registered. Be considerate to your neighbours, avoiding loudness and noise particularly between 11.00 p.m. or a the latest 24.00 and 8 am. These are villas mostly for families, and not for having parties. Surroundings is quiet and peaceful and we would like to keep it that way.


You are allowed to use the washing machine for all the use, except the towels and bed linens of Villa Rošinjola.

If the towels and/or bed linens are dirty, spilled…please contact the host to replace them with clean ones. 

Please ensure to place used towels in the bathroom.

For drying the clothes and towels, the drying supplies are available inside and outside the house.


During their stay in the house, the guests themselves are responsible to look after the order and cleanliness of the house.
Please do not throw any garbage or leftover food into the basin, shower or toilet. You will find a litter bin in the kitchen beneath the basin and in any bathroom. A huge garbage can is placed in front of the main entrance of the Villa Rošinjola. Please put your rubbish into the existing garbage bags, and take it outside in front of the parking spot (usually picked up daily).

Leave the property and the house in the same condition that you would like to find it for yourself (no need to vacuum etc, but don’t leave it extra dirty).


At teh day of arrival the guests will be informed about all the objects, inventory and appliances in the house and the guests are obligated to use all of them, with respect and care. In case of damage or disappearance of certain objects or appliances from the house, the guest must, immediately, inform the host, of the house and pay the value of damaged or missing goods. The guests are liable for damage, as far as they in purpose or because of disability of proper care (here are not minor details, such as a broken glass meant)..


Security advise:

The guests are responsible for taking care of his/hers personal belongings and valuables. We ask you to comply  by these rules and regulations in order to make your  stay  in our Villa more pleasurable.

Safe is available for guests for keeping valuables like money and personal documents.

The entry, stairs and the doors must not be blocked. These are escape ways in the case of an emergency. Please avoid open fire like candles. Fireworks in and around the Villa Rošinjola are not allowed.

Candles in the house are only for the decoration purposes.if you use them, please do not leave them unattended.

Windows and doors have to be closed when you leave the house to avoid damage caused by weather or burglary. In the area od Villa Rošinjola, unpredictable downwind can occur even in good weather periods

We kindly ask you to turn off electrical appliances, electronic devices, close the pipes, turn off the lights, and close windows and doors when leaving the house.

The use of equipment and devices that are not a part of the house offer is allowed only at host’s permission. This rule does not refer to electrical appliances for personal hygiene.

We kindly ask the guests to take care of the greenery, the rented unit, furniture and equipment that are part of the interior and exterior of the house. We are extremely grateful for that.

Please do not leave the air-conditioning on while you are out and do not use it with windows

and doors opened.

It is forbidden to bring weapons, illegal substances, flamable and explosive substances or objects, or any other type of dangerous objects and substances into the house.

We kindly ask our guests to constantly protect the environment, protect the rented accommodation unit and act considerately towards the furnishings and equipment in the interior and exterior of the house.

Please lock all doors and windows before leaving the house.

House right:

The host is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (including the use of the villa) with immediate effect. Based on this house rules, the host can exclude single or all holiday guests, in case the holiday guests damage the safety or the reputation of the villa, harms or bothers other guests, residents, passers-by or neighbors. Particularly in case of repeated violations against regulations of the house rules by single or all holiday guests issued in the house, as well as damage, soiling or the theft of villa property, entitle to immediate termination by the host.

Thank you for obeying our House rules.

Other useful information can be found in the information book or in the catalogues which are positioned in the »newspaper tray« in Villa Rošinjola.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and rest in our Villa Rošinjola.

By booking the villa, you confirm that the House rules are recognized and implemented by you.

With warm and sunny regards,

*The host of the house reserves the right, in case of special circumstances, to enter into the house when necessary, although the guests are not in the house in that moment, in order to prevent predictable and inevitable damage and/or danger (e.g. in case of flood, fire, bad weather i.e. when the shutters are not shut and secured etc.).

In case of such an entrance in the absence of the guests, the host will duly inform the guests about the time and the reason of the intervention.