Food & Wine

Istrian cuisine is based on great tasting, fresh, locally produced ingredients, seasonal vegetables, seafood and olive oil. The desire to keep it that way means the Istrian identity and traditions are being preserved. More and more word is emerging that Istria is a gourmet destination, whether buying from a roadside seller or tasting on the dining table.

Olive oil began to be produced in Istria while the Romans were around and has never stopped. Olive groves cling to the hillsides all over the peninsula. Traditionally, olive harvesting is always a family affair. Some of the oils are simply magnificent and we highly recommend you to try it.

Istrian wine is, according to Vinistra (Association of Winemakers of Istria), all about the soil. The varying soil colour, from a deep red in coastal areas to white in the interior, enriches the winemaking process and creates the fine white Malvazija and deep red Teran wines that Istria is famous for. There are plenty of wineries all over the peninsula so do include at least an afternoon of wine tasting during your visit.

The Istrian County Tourist Board have made it easier to distinguish the best wines from the more ordinary and have produced a list of ”selected” wine producers. Look out for the names on restaurant wine lists when you would like to try a special bottle of something. The IQ (Istrian Quality) sign on the label signifies high-quality Malvasia wine.

Veralda winery

Ravalico winemaking

Wine Residence Cattunar



Vina Franković

Vinska klet Kozlović

Sinković Wines – Distillery

CUJ vino i maslinova ulja

ROSSI winery & distillery

Coccolo Vina

Restaurant Toni

Restaurant Pergola

Restaurant Sole

Konoba Morgan

Konoba Buscina

Stari podrum

Konoba Astarea

Restaurant San Rocco

Konoba Cok

Restaurant Marina

Restaurant Damir & Ornella

Konoba Toncic

Konoba Vrh

Konoba Kolinasi

Konoba Toklarija

Tavern Selo Mekiši

Restaurant Sv Nikola

Restaurant Petra

Vela Vrata

Barba Danilo

Restaurant Jure

Restaurant La Puntulina

Restaurant Gianinno

Restaurant Monte

Restaurant Maestral

Stancija Meneghetti

Konoba Puli Pineta

Vodnjanka in Vodnjan

Restaurant Alla Beccaccia

Konoba Batelina

Restaurant Lanterna Banjole

Vodnjanka Pula

Restaurant Dorina

Restaurant Peteani (ex. Riva)

Velo Kafe

Konoba Tramerka

Valle Losca