Destinations in Istria

Brijuni (Brioni) Islands – an attractive group of islands near Istria Peninsula, with the main islands Veli Brijun that is Croatia National Park and open to visitors. These islands used to be one of Tito’s favourite residence. A Brijuni archipelago is an attractive group of islands near Istria Peninsula, with the main islands Veli Brijun that is Croatia National Park and open to visitors. In more recent history almost every major statesman visited the islands as Brijuni were the residence of late President Tito.

Grožnjan is a 14th-century Venetian town, known nowadays as Town of Artists – an arts colony, where, since 1965, painters, sculptors and musicians come to live and work. Groznjan is one in the row of pretty Istrian hilltop medieval towns, architecturally similar to Motovun or Pazin. This small town in the central part of Istria, 8 km southeast of Buje or 26 kilometres north…

Motovun – Small town in central/continental Istria located on the hill above the pastoral valley with views all around Istrian hills. It becomes very trendy as it hosts every summer Motovun Film festival. Motovun is one of the best preserved Istrian hill medieval towns. It is located at the south side of Mirna River Valley about twenty kilometres from Buje (another Istrian town) and…

Novigrad or Cittanova in Italian, a small, picturesque town located at the north-west shore of Istrian Peninsula, just about 25 km away from Slovenian border and about 15 km from Porec, Umag or Buje – another place in Istria. Novigrad is positioned on a small limestone peninsula on which the old town centre is built, surrounded by well preserved mediaeval walls …

Pazin – a nice little town in continental Istria. The old part of the town, called Kastel, lies on a hill about 130 meters above the abyss called Jama or Fojba in Italian. In the abyss below the castle, Pazincica river flows. Kastel – Medieval Castle is built on a cliff …

Poreč – Important Istrian tourist resort, built in Austro-Hungarian style architecture, featuring Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Porec. This ancient settlement of Istria is also a popular day trip destination from Venice Italy…

Pula – main Istrian city and important Croatian port and industrial centre being something in between a busy working port and active Istrian Riviera town. It features huge and amazing Roman amphitheatre still used as summer stage for various opera and pop performances

Rovinj – a walled town built on a small peninsula – very popular tourist destination – regular daily trips to Venice. This fishing port was once the principal town of the Istrian peninsula; it is one of the most attractive towns in the region and its historic centre was modelled on Venice. ..

Umag – Istrian tourist place with numerous hotels. Umag is well known for its yearly Tennis tournament.

Rabac – Another popular tourist destination with numerous hotels and camping grounds.

Mramornica Cave – One of the largest caves in Istria, Mramornica cave is a true gem of the Istrian underground. Mramornica was mentioned as early as 1770 when the famous travel writer Alberto Fortis visited and described this cave.

Close to Brtonigla, by Stancija Drušković, after the nearly vertical steps, stands the entrance to one of the largest underground halls in Istria. The cave is rich in different coloured dripstones, stalagmites that are as much as 13 meters tall making Mramornica particularly fascinating and attractive. From the well-kept paths of the cave there is a view of the inaccessible parts, which because of this secretiveness are even more alluring.
For all lovers of untouched nature, far from the summer crowds and heat, Mramornica is an ideal place for natural refreshment and relaxation.

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